A Museum For Me Workshop

If there were a museum made just for you, or by you, what would it contain? What stories would it tell? Here in A Museum for Me Workshop you are the curator -you decide. Download craft kits for making mini-museums, theatres, historical timelines, calendars, and more, for collecting memories, creating an exhibition, and casting a critical eye over museums and memorials around you. Want to start? Here’s how: 

Get learning! Learn about the concept of A Museum for Me, and see how to work with or without a kit to create your own museum / theatre / timeline / exhibits / calendar / guidebook and more

Get inspired! Watch our videos of museums and stories from young and old in the UK and Colombia, each one unique

Get creative! Download kits or just use your own materials – will you take a photo afterwards and send it to us? @MVRColombia

Si hubiera un museo hecho solo para ti o por ti ¿Cómo sería? ¿Qué historias te gustaría contar?  Aquí, en el taller “Un museo para mí” te convertirás en el curador, y decidirás qué es importante exhibir y por qué. Puedes descargar kits para hacer tu propio mini-museo, teatro, línea de tiempo, calendario ilustrado, y realizar actividades para desarrollar una mirada crítica sobre los museos y memoriales tradicionales. ¿Quieres participar? Es sencillo:

¡Conócenos! Conoce el concepto y el proyecto ‘Un Museo para Mí’ y cómo puedes montar museo / teatro / línea del tiempo / exposición / calendario / guía crítica y más

¡Inspírate! Ve los videos de museos y escucha las historias de jóvenes y gente mayor de Colombia y del Reino Unido, ¡cada persona es un mundo!

¡Pónte a la tarea! Descarga las maquetas qué quieras, o bien elabora tus propios materiales – ¿por qué no tomarle foto o grabar un corto y mandárnoslo después? @MVRColombia

Learn – Conoce 

Watch  – Mira 

Draw  – Dibuja

Play Video

Inspiration – Mujer Diáspora – Inspiración

Martha from Diaspora Women talks us through her museum and its memories

Martha, de Mujer Diáspora, nos cuenta las historias que contiene su propio museo

Read about Mujer Diaspora’s work with Colombian exiles in the Learning Space

Conoce el rol de Mujer Diaspora y la Comisión de La Verdad en Learning Space

Ruta Pacífica

During lockdown, families in the Valle del Cauca region Colombia made mini-museums in their homes

Read about the work of Ruta Pacífica in the Learning Space

Durante el confinamiento por COVID-19, algunas families del Valle del Cauca en Colombia elaboraron mini-museos en casa

Lee sobre Ruta Pacífica en el aula del museo

Corporación Zoscua
Families from Corporación Zoscua also made mini-museums at home during lockdown

Familias de la Corporación Zoscua tambien se dedicaron a elaborar mini-museos en casa durante el confinamiento.

Download our craft kits  

Descarguen maquetas

Un Museo Para Mi (español)

Más productos de Un Museo Para Mí

 Lockdown homework activities 

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An Exhibition for Me  

Take time to create Museum for Me exhibits – you can display them on the wall, in a scrapbook, or upload  to a web-page.  Download a template (on left) or just scroll down the side-bar (below)

Remember to send photos of your creations to @mvrcolombia – and see them exhibited here!

Latin America House

The children at Saturday morning Spanish-language school at Latin America House London / Casa Latina created mini-museums with their parents; some featured memories of grandparents in Colombia, others their favourite sweets, toys and games 

Meet Camilo Sánchez, National Museum of Colombia, and the team at 'A Museum for Me’

‘A Museum for Me’ craft kits are designed by Camilo, an Industrial Designer from the Pontifical Xavierian University (Bogotá, Colombia) with a Master of Arts in Museology from the University of East Anglia, UK. Since 1999, Camilo has worked in museums and cultural centres as exhibition designer and museology consultant, developing projects in museums around Colombia and abroad, and teaches exhibition design at several Colombian universities. Camilo is currently managing the complete renovation of the National Museum of Colombia, and works with the University of Liverpool to design and develop ‘A Museum for Me’ products. Camilo is also Colombian correspondent of FIHRM-LA (Federation of International Human Rights Museums, Latin America) and Deputy chair of ICOM Colombia (International Council of Museums).

Disfruten una visita virtual a ‘Un Museo Para Mí’ en el Museo Nacional de Colombia

Prof. Claire Taylor
University of Liverpool

Claire is Principal Investigator on the international, multi-agency research project ‘Memory, Victims and Representation of the Colombian Conflict’ (@MVRColombia), funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) of Great Britain. @MVRColombia generates a range of cultural, artistic, academic, social and political interventions as part of  the process and product of its research. ‘A Museum for Me’ is one its impact and engagement projects supported by Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) of the UK Council for Research and Innovation (UKRI).

Dr Lucia Brandi
University of Liverpool

Lucia works on impact and engagement projects arising from @MVRColombia research, including the creation and curation of virtual and physical products, spaces and activities for ‘A Museum for Me’.


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