What is ‘A Museum for Me’?

‘A Museum for Me’ is a unique nexus of virtual and physical spaces and objects created by human rights researchers, museologists, NGOs, artists, and community-based activists in Colombia and the UK. In ‘A Museum for Me’, victims and survivors of the armed conflict take centre-stage; their representation (or indeed, invisibility) is scrutinised and re-cast; gendered or identity-based forms of violence – and resistance – are revealed; and stories of the silenced are communicated gently or broadcast loudly, through myriad, life-affirming, cultural and social forms of truth-telling and creative peace-building. 

Who is ‘A Museum for Me’?

‘A Museum for Me’ is curated by an international team for the University of Liverpool, with the support of the UKRI GCRF Translation Fund. The museum develops findings from the AHRC research project ‘Memory, Victims, and Representations of the Colombian Conflict’ (led by Prof. Claire Taylor with Dr Ailsa Peate), translating these into research impacts. Camilo Sánchez, of the National Museum of Colombia and International Federation of Human Rights Museums, and Dr Lucia Brandi, of the University of Liverpool’s AHRC GCRF Follow-on Funding project ‘Archives of Human Rights and Historical Memory’, are working with Prof. Taylor and Dr Peate to facilitate engagement with the public, and collaboration with community counterparts in the UK and Colombia. Amongst these are Mujer Diáspora / Diaspora Women, the grassroots network that has actively campaigned for a Truth Commission, been instrumental in securing testimony from Colombian exiles in the UK and Ireland, and has facilitated much of ‘A Museum for Me’s’ content.

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