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Una bienvenida muy calurosa a todos los participantes del Congreso Virtual Memoria y Representación en América Latina  #MemoriaLatAm 8-10 abril 2021 

A Museum for Me Roundtable on Memory, Victims and Representation

Prof. Claire Taylor
University of Liverpool

Peter Drury
Colombian Truth Commission Representative in UK

Dr Andrei Gómez Suárez
University of Bristol

Erika Diettes
 Multimedia Visual Artist

Dámaris Hernández
Campaigner & Mujer Diáspora Activist

Rev. Ana Victoria Bastidas
Anglican Vicar & Mujer Diáspora Activist Interviewer for UK Hub (Nodo) in support of the Colombian Truth Commission

Tahaty (Tatiana Gómez)
Dancer & performer

Angélica Quintero
Poet & Creative Producer

Pensamientos, posibilidades y procesos para esclarecer la verdad

Prof. Claire Taylor of the University of Liverpool hosts this unique online gathering of Colombian exiles, artists, activists, and researchers, together with the UK representative of the Colombian Truth Commission, for an inspiring discussion on the life-affirming power of culture for connection with others, clarification of truths, and communication of memory. Panellists approach these themes from the diverse standpoints of their personal and professional practice, locating the role of culture in social processes as important as peace-building after decades of conflict, within and beyond Colombia.

Speakers explain how they define and combine culture, social action, and research, offering personal insights into three key concepts associated as much with their own work as with the Colombian Truth Commission, namely exile, recognition, and truth. Together, the panel explores the function of art and culture in capturing memory; in telling and hearing life stories; representing victims; and facilitating public reconocimiento de la verdad or recognition of truth. 

Nombrar lo Innombrable: speaking the unspeakable
Ignacio Piedrahíta conversa con la Comisionada Lucía González

Colombian writer Ignacio Piedrahíta, talks with Colombian Truth Commissioner Lucía González and an online audience, about the power of the creative and literary arts to communicate truths, which otherwise are virtually impossible to fully articulate, or indeed to hear and process; thus, all cultural practice can have a role to play in increasing a society’s capacity to deal with truth.

La Verdad de los Ríos

Ignacio Piedrahíta has kindly offered A Museum for Me visitors a free download of his latest book La Verdad de los Ríos (2020)

Descarguen aquí gratis el último libro de Ignacio Piedrahíta  

La Verdad De Los Ríos, por Ignacio Piedrahíta (2020)

Descripción: ‘La verdad de los ríos’ escrito por Ignacio Piedrahíta, es un ensayo que permite al lector una visión amplia de las afectaciones que el conflicto armado ha dejado sobre los miles de kilómetros de agua que atraviesan los ríos de Colombia; al tiempo que evidencia la belleza que expresan como parte de la naturaleza.

Acompáñenos, en Facebook.com/comisionverdadc, comisiondelaverdad.co y en el canal YouTube de la Comisión,  el diálogo virtual Por una Verdad Diversa en el Exilio.  La Comisión de la Verdad de Colombia crea este espacio de conversación entre personas LGBT que tienen diferentes experiencias sobre el exilio. El objetivo principal es visibilizar las problemática de las personas lesbianas, gay, bisexuales y transgénero en el marco del conflicto armado de Colombia, así como invitarles a participar del proceso de esclarecimiento de la verdad.

Somos Exiliados, Somos Testigos, Somos con Cecilia Ramos

Cecilia Ramos, ALLFM 96.9 Community Radio Broadcaster to the UK’s Latin American Diáspora, interviews the Colombian Truth Commission representative to the UK, Peter Drury.

Recorded live for A Museum for Me, Cecilia questions Peter Drury from the point of view ex-patriate Colombians, to gain a clear picture of who the Commission is, to clarify their independence from the Colombian State, the objectives they have and their ways of working. She also asks about the process if exiles and second-generation Colombians in the UK or Ireland want to give confidential testimony

‘Somos’ con Cecilia Ramos, programa semanal para la comunidad latinoamericana, todos los martes de 5-7pm en la radio ALLFM 96.9

Para mucho mas información sobre la Comisión de la Verdad, pase al Learning Space
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