María Mencía to lead a workshop on artistic co-creation, representation of victims, healing and peacebuilding

Con catedrática de medios y comunicaciones en la Universidad de Kingston y pionera de e-poesía con prácticas digitales, este taller de María Mencía explora el uso de representación visual de las historias compartidas del conflicto Colombiano para promover sanación y la consolidación de la paz.

Today we are getting ready for María Mencía’s workshop on artistic co-creation, representation of victims, healing and peacebuilding, which is taking place this Saturday 21st November. Dr María Mencía is co-investigator on our research project ‘Memory, Victims, and Representation of the Colombian Conflict’. Mencia is assistant Professor and course leader in BA Media & Communication at Kingston University, London and is a pioneer in digital poetry – her PhD in Digital Poetics and Digital Art at Chelsea College, UAL was one of the first practice-base research doctorates in the field of e-poetry.

Mencia’s work explores the overlapping of language, art and digital technology, focusing on the oscillation between text and sound and sound and image. She features in Imagina Viral, as part of a series of short workshops and online art performances – this upcoming workshop explores the use of artistic creation, e-poetry and digital visual concepts to create a field of visual representation and communication of shared stories of the Colombian conflict.

This innovative approach allows the uncovering of truth in a creative and universally accessible way and sets out the foundations for building understanding and peace in the future.

Join us tomorrow at 5pm for a workshop on creative healing through digital practice.

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